Was born  in Kamchatka,
lives and works in St.Peterburg.

1980 - graduated Abramtzevo Art College.
1991 - membership in Russian Artists Union since.

Selected personal exhibitions:

2021- "Flashes of Consciousness" ,Non-State Non-Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

2020-"Processes", Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

2019- Modeling the Future” , Alexander gallery, Rose, Montenegro

2016- Pastoral  , gallery "Luda",St.Petersburg,Russia

2015- "The Rate of Disappearance" ,Art re Flex gallery, CYLAND, St.Petersburg,Russia

2010-”La-la land”-   National Center for Contemporary Arts, St.Petersburg, Russia
2010- ”Near.Far”  -All gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2009- “Vernissage”- gallery “Luda”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2008 -  "Family portrait in the interior "  AL GALLERY
2007 -  “Room “N” - State Hermitage Museum, Youth Educational Center,NCCA, St. Peterburg, Russia
2004 -  "As Quiet as Snow"- Anna Akhmatova Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia. 
2003 -  “SAVE AS “- The Gallery of Contemporary Art “ D-137’, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
2003 -  “ Archive”-  ESCAPE gallery, Moscow, Russia 
2002 -  “Archive”- “Navicula artis’ gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
2000 -  “Cucumbers.Photo observations”, gallery “Art collegium”, St.Peterburg, Russia. 

Selected group exhibitions:


2020- Exhibition of nominees for the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize, S. Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center, St.Petersburg, Russia

 2020- "Pavlov School", Techno-Art Center, Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pavlov Museum in Koltushi, St.Petersburg, Russia

2020- "Dopamine,koalin and diameter", Ground Solyanka Gallery, Moscow.Russia

 2020- "Alvitr Art.Winter Exhibition 2020" , Art Box Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2020- "The history jf the development of multimedia art in Leningrad-St.Petersburg in 1985-2000",-S.Kuryokhin  Contemporary Art Center, St.Petersburg,Russia

2020- "100 Ways to live a minute/Media Quarantine", The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow^ Russia 

2019- “Forefront Abstraction” - Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

2019-The New AnthropologyTechno-Art Center,Pavlov Institute of Physiology,Pavlov Museum in Koltushi,


2019- "CYFEST-12:ID,international festival of media art,CYLAND, Marina Gisich Gallery,St.Petersburg, Russia

2019- "СYFEST-12:ID,Ca'Foscari Zattere Cultural Flow Zone,Venice,Italy exhibition

2018- "Silent Voices" -contemporary art about Blockade of Leningrad,NCCA,Mikhail Prokhorov Fund,Krasnoyarsk Museum Cenre, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2018- "From Non-conformism to Feminism.Russian Women artists from the Kolodzei Art foundation",Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis,USA.

2018- "Casts",NCCA,Scientific-Research Museum of the Acadеmy of Arts,St.Petersburg,Russia

2018- "CYFEST-Weather Forecast/digital Cloudiness",CYLAND,Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design,St/Petersburg,Russia.

2017- "Silent Voices",exhibition study project,NCCA,State Yistory Museum of St.Petersburg,CYLAND media laboratory,PROARTE foundation,St.Petersburg, Russia

2017- "Constructions and Multitudes ,CYFEST -10" ,Exhibition Hall Ground-Khodynka, Moscow,Russia

2017-"Art-Marathon.Kifer-Klebnikov.Painting-Literarure-Music",The State Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia 

2017-Art Fair Suomi, Cable Factory,Helsinki,Finland.

2017- "Sergey Kuryokhin Museum.Prototype-3", S.Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center,St.Petersburg,Russia

2017- "Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Awards -2016",S.Kuryokhin Contemporary art Center,St.Petersburg,Russia

2017-"Hibris", Cyland, University Ca Foscary,in parallel with  57 Venice Biennale,Venice,Italy

2017- CYFEST-10, Research Museum at the Russian Academy of Arts, Museum of Applied Arts at St.Petersburg Stieglits State Academy of Art and Design,St.Petersburg,Russia

2016-  Painting after painting, The Russian Academy of Arts, Tsereteli Art Galery, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2016- Exhibition "Sergey Kuryokhin Museum.Prototype# 1", Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

2016- Co-author, Gogol's House, Moscow, Russia

2016- Exhibition Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Awards 2015,  Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center,Sankt Petersburg, Russia


2015 - New Acquisittions, The Russian Museum,St.Petrsburg,Russia

2015- On my way, Cyland, University Ca,Foscari,parallel to the 56 Vennice Biennale

2014-Cyberfest2014,  "The other home",  Cyland, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2014- The Other Capital, NCCA, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

2014-ARTVILNIUS-14, Monthly payment project,Vilnius,Lithuania

2014-"Suitcase", gallery KultProject,parallel program MANIFESTA 10 ,Moscow,Russia

2014- "The other home",Anna Frants gallery,parallel program MANIFESTA 10, St.Petersburg,Russia

2014- "St.Petersburg noir",gallery KultProject,Moscow, Russia

2013- Art Prospect, CEC ARTS LINK,St.Petersburg, Russia

2013- "Cyberfest",THE WYE,Cyland,Berlin,Germany

2013-"Capital of Nowhere",university Ca,Foscati,Venice,Itali(parallel with 55 Vennice Biennale)

2013 -"Navicula artis",gallery Сult project,Moscow,Russia

2012- "Resonant Matter",The Russian Museum,St.Petersburg,Russia

2012-exhibition Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Awards 2011,Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary  Art Center ,St.Petersburg,Russia

2011-4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art.Exhibition of OpenCall winners.Pro&Contra international simposium,Art Play Design Centre,Moscow,Russia

2011-"We are here",university Ca,Foscati,Venice,Italy

2011-"Total contemporary",RizzordiArt Foundation,Al gallery,St.Petersburg

2011-"Video night", gallery Mars, Moscow,Russia

2011-"Gates fnd doors"-the Russian museum,St.Petersburg,Russia

2010 - Cyberfest”- Arthall POLIGAF,media art lab CYLAND, NCCA ,St.Petersburg,Russia
2010 -
”Art Moscow”-central house of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
2010 -
”Art Helsinki”-Helsinki,Finland
2010 -
"Sky in the Art"-The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
2010 -
And Meninas”- ERARTA gallery, St.Petersburg,Russia
2010 -
Zhivayaperm”- Festival of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia
2010 -
After war” , -Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Russia
2010 -
Odditorium” - Frants gallery space,New York, USA
2010 -
Relative communications, Loft-project “Levels”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2009 -
This is Lyuda”, Loft-project “Levels”, St.Petersburg, Russia
2009 -
“Acqua Vita. Short voyage” 1 2 ,, Anna Franz gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
2009 -
“Russian Beauty”, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia
2009 -
“Art about Art”,The Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
 -  "Borderlives" - Ludwig-Forum, Aachen, Kiel,Germany
 -  Anniversary exhibition of “Navicula Artis” gallery, St.-Petersburg, Russia. 
 -  “Space Era” - The A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications, St-Petersburg, Russia
 -  “Observatory” - Institute PRO ARTE, Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences, St-Petersburg, Russia 
 -  "The adventures of the Black Square" - The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg 
2007 -  Festival “Black tape” - NCCA, Saint-Petersburg. Russia 
2007 -  "Mouse hunting" - NCCA, Saint-Petersburg. Russia work
 -  Exhibition of videoart of Eastern Europe, Villa du Parc Annemasse, Switzerland
 -  „Art as a capture, capture as an art?“-  Holsdorf, Weimar, Germany 
2006 -  “The sound of non-existing footsteps …” - Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia  
2005 -  Harms festival, State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia. 
 -  “Kuulolla”, international artists’workshop,Taidepappila,Kuhmalahti, Finland. 
 -  " Re. Wanchai" ,12, nternational artists’workshop, Air Corner House,Hong Kong, China 
 -  " No title", " Selected works", the Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
 -  “ Human project”,1 Moscow Biennale of the Contemporary Art, central house of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
2004 -  " Meditathions on the matherland", NCCI, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St.Peterburg, Russia. 
 -  “ ROHTO”- Central Exhibition Hall , St. Petersburg, Russia
 -  “ Katharina II. Machting aber auch gross?”- Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany 
 -  “ Laboratory of happiness “ PROARTE , St. Petersburg  
 -  “ The garden of the culture and the relaxation’, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia 
 -  "Estestvo”-Contemporary art from St. Petersburg , Lonnstrom Art Museum, Rauma, Finland 
 -  “ Artist’s book”- Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. 
 -  " Abstraction in Russia. 20 cent." 1 , 2 , - Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia. 
 -  "Mediaprivet"-Russian Museum, St.Petersburg , Russia.
 -  “Media-Art & Mass-Media”- Pushkinskaya 10, St.Petersburg, Russia.
 -  "Art Boat"-New York International spring art festival ,Chelsi, USA. 
 -  " Virtual Games", Last Palase, St.Petersburg, Russia. 
2000 -  “ Emplasements- New Holland”,the international project, St. Petersburg. Russia. 
2000 -  MEDIA ART FEST 2000, Central Exhibition Hall, St.Peterburg, Russia. 
 -  nomination for international mediaart award, ZKM, Karsruhe, Germany. 
 -  “Timelink”, The State Russian Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia. 
 -  “Impressionen aus Russland” Kunstlerhaus, Solohturn, Switzerland.
 -  Art action“Float-98”, Shuvalovo-Otherki, St.Peterburg, Russia 
 -  “Frauen perspektiven”,the international exhibition, Ev.Stadtkirche, Karlsrue, Germany. 
1994 -  “A Sign in the Landscape”, Litzen, Berlin, KulturBraueri, Germany.