Gadget and Digit


TV matrix Printing on acrylic glass XIX c. embroidery LED lamps


Made with Cyland Media Art Lab (Alexey Grachev – assembly of light-emitting diodes)


The panel “Gadget and Digit ”. This is a collage situated on the broken matrix of a LED TV set. The “Gadget” in its center is a XIX-century embroidery turned with its reverse side (matrix) towards the viewer; the shepherd depicted on it is the typical character of a pastorale. Under the genre’s laws, he is looking for his beloved – the Digit. The Digit is printed on the pieces of acrylic glass – here, she has already turned into a 3D model. There are attributes of the natural pastoral environment all over the screen field – a bug, a butterfly, a flower. In the “sky”, the “stars” are lighting up and out.