2010-2017 The Way


Belova Lyudmila With the support of the CYLAND Media Art Laboratory


Art-marathon.Kifer-Khlebnikov.Crossroads.Painting-literature-music »

The State Hermitage. 01-02-July 2017

"The Way"

 Canvas, acrylic, 300 by 200 cm. 2010.-2017

Video "The Way", 3.00min.2010.


The picture shows an asphalt road with road markings. View from above. Perspective impossible in real life. Separating marking lines dictate the movement is not horizontal, but instead they are looking up from the bottom. Asphalt, which leaves traces of passing cars, drops of dirt, stains, etc. in this perspective turns into an abstract picture, where the markup becomes Suprematist objects. The video, in which the movement of the luminous headlights of vehicles is continuously shown, is projected onto the painting. The lights of the headlights move meditatively, joining together, merging into one whole, dividing and reconnecting, as if they show some kind of dance, with an incomprehensible logic of movement in which the apparent randomness of transformations, the uncertainty of what is happening and its constant movement, creates the opposite, finished machine tool, Incompleteness. Each new frame creates a new composition on the canvas plane, thus a series of pictures appear on one plane.