video installation

The Speed of Disappearance

 Creation Date: 2015

Date of the Event: 21.05–12.05

2015 ART re. FLEX Gallery, Cyland Art Media Lab

The video installation The Speed of Disappearance is a reflection on disappearance of tangible forms and their transformation into a digital stream of reality images.

It deals with a seamless transition into a new space where virtual forms unite with real forms more and more. It deals with a speed of the change of habitual ways of transmission and storage of information, and also with a new communication among people. It deals with time, its flow, and impossibility “to step in the same river twice” in the real world (and with getting over barriers in time and space). It deals with the speed of transmission of images, freedom of the relativity of our world and its instability.

Quick time – this term describes the speed of modern life. A huge amount of daily information that we are getting nowadays causes a self-defence response: a surficial glance at multiple screens which surround you everywhere you look. Idyllic observation, contemplation have become history. We just have no time to spare, to stand and stare.

The space of the installation is made by projections of 4 projectors. The first video presents a river covered with ice (time and movement). The other video presents a view from a train window: landscapes sweeping past the window of a speeding train. The third part of the installation is a projection of silhouettes of the viewers who take selfies and send them to the Internet which illustrates the space “above’ that Paul Virilio calls “transparent horizon.” The doorway, suggested as a barrier separating the event world from the digital stream, becomes the entrance to a new reality and it is a point of transformation.

The visitor of the exhibition has a chance to become an element of the installation. Two notebooks in the space of the video installation are connected with the Internet and they skype the live video to each other where we can see the present with a short lag. That virtual space is also a part of the installation. That skypecast creates another reality – a virtual reality, that shows what is happening here and now in a nonexistent space, there and nowhere. That virtual space is also a part of the exposition. City noises – deformed by a low speed, sound another new digital space which does not really exist