Video installation

Vernissage (“vernis” (French) - “varnish”) - is the formal opening of an art exhibition,
 originally the day before opening, when the artists varnished their pictures over.

Vernissage is the first day of the exhibition, when people come together and socialize.

It’s difficult to grasp everything at once. Most visitors take time to wander and still leave in puzzlement.

Some criticize, some admire. As a rule, vernissage lasts for 2-3 hours.


Video installation “Vernissage” was created specially for the gallery space “Lyuda”.
For a year (summer 2008-spring 2009) it served as a testing site for artists. Every week new exhibitions opened here. On the whole there were exhibited around 52 projects. The project was supervised by St.Petersburg artist Piotr Biely.
As a result of the year the large exhibition “This is Lyuda” was opened in the Loft –project “Levels” in November 2009.