2009 VERNISSAGE (this is Lyuda)


Video installation


Vernissage (“vernis” (French) - “varnish”) - is the formal opening of an art exhibition,

 originally the day before opening, when the artists varnished their pictures over.


Vernissage is the first day of the exhibition, when people come together, socialize and arrange their further meetings on the exhibitions.


Loft-project “Levels”

“This is Lyuda”

October, 31- December, 13

Curator Piotr Biely.


The project gallery “Lyuda” was opened for a year. The space with white walls and sloping roof in the second court of Mokhovaya, 42 opened with a new exhibition every week just for one day. These openings were closed for general public, but had their own regular visitors. “Lyuda” was not the gallery in the usual sense of the word, but a project-gallery. Its non-profit character and lack of the daily timetable, allowed spontaneous openings with a break in a week or two, giving it a flavor of special and unique place, a “contemporary-art” place. This attitude was supposed to reflect the subcultural context of St.Petersburg art of the season 2008-2009. The choice of the artists-participants could not be objective, but it was not accidental. Every artist was arranging his own composition as he wished and was free to find his own theme. Every exhibition was an utterance of one author.


The large exhibition in the space “Blue Floor” of the Loft-project “Levels” may be interpreted as a part of the gallery history and as a presentation of the milestone in the local contemporary art history.
Participants: Veronica Rudieva-Ryazantseva, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Andrei Gorbunov, Ivan Sotnikov, Olga Lovtsus, Irina Vassilieva, Andrei Rudiev, Anya Zhiolud, Anna Franz, Victor Tikhomirov, Alexei Varsopko, Victoria Ilyushkina, Marina Alexeeva, Grigoriy Yushchenko, Vladimir Kozin, Valery Grikovsky, Evgenia Goland, Lyudmila Belova, Ivan Plushch, Marina Koldobskaya, Alexander Dashevsky, Valery Golubev, Piotr Shvetsov, Alexander Podobed, Sergei Denisov, Yuri Nekiforov, Ivan Khimin, Maxim Svishchev, Tatiana Gubareva?, Andrei Khlobystin, Maria Baturina, Yulia Zaretskaya, Olga Tobreluts, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov and others.