Time capsule «TOWER»

Computer Programming:
Sergey Komarov,Aleksey Grachev,
CYLAND media lab

The audio object «Tower», opened for information reading and placed into the zone of art,is a time capsule of
sorts,the one that covers the last half a century.the tower refers both to skyscrapers,that stand for progress,
and to tye Tower of Babel,that is a symbol of hubris.God punished people for their hubris and disunited
them-people started speaking different languages and stopped understanding each other.
Progress and human intellect have now untied them again with the making of this Internet by
affording them an opportunity to translate online from any language.In the making of this object,
the artist used details of household appliances that got out of use and a portion of the vusical instrument.
Audio files that it contains are the sounds that have to do with technological progress.