«Borderlives»- Ludwig-Forum, Aachen, Kiel,Germany

Project "The Clouds"

Ludwig Forum


Description of the project

4 pictures 145-200 sm
mixed technique, canvas, oil, acril
First artificial Earth satellite was launched 50 years ago, and now each internet user can see his own house from space with the help of photos, made from satellites.
We are used to see in the night sky moving dots – we know these are satellites flying. But it is impossible to see left glove of astronaut Neil Armstrong, that is flying in orbit from 1966, adjustable spanner, lost by cosmonaut Serebrov, numerous nuts, bolts, disks, packs and many other things, lost in space. All this is called Space Debris (space rubbish). At the moment in the orbit there is about 2 megatonnes of technogenn objects. Even object of less then 1 centimetre mass is extremely dangerous for space ships, because of incredible reserve of cinetic energy. Special organisations were created to calculate these Space Rubbish objects and register them - to each object is given it’s own personal number. In such a way the catalogue of Space Debris is being formed.

On the pictures are represented cities, that were shooted on photo from artificial satellites, but you can’t see the cities immediately, because on the surface of photo there are numbers – they are of different size, colour and texture. These are personal numbers, given to objects of Space Debris, that are flying around Earth on its’ orbit. When cosmonaut looks on Earth from Space - he doesn’t see any borders; when we look at the sky from Earth – we also don’t see borders. But the new border, that man creates during last 50 years of Space investigation – is a border of space rubbish, Space Debris. This border can make impossible future pioneering of Space, and in this or that way will influence life of people on Earth in future. And this ‘border’ is mutual for all of us.