2007 SOS

Anniversary exhibition of “Navicula Artis” gallery.
December 2007
Pushkinskaya, 10, St.Petersburg

Project name: SOS

The Object consists of detail from video-camera and a photo.
The detail of the video camera is the body frame for liquid-crystal screen. The photograph is installed in it and imitates the real time recording. For that purpose it has standard signs, showing that the video is being recorded. On the “screen” you can see a visitor, looking at the picture by Ayvazovsky in the Russian Museum. The picture represents storm and a shipwreck. The visitor is looking at the picture and talks on the mobile phone.
The task for the artists was to depict a ship, sized from a match-box to A4 format. The ship, because the name of the gallery “Navicula Artis” means “the ship of art” in Latin. The action on the screen depicts my reflections on the contemporary art.
(I express my gratitude to Ivan Govorkov for his help with the video.)