2007 CAST

"The adventures of the Black Square"
The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg 2007
Curators: Irina Karasik, Margarita Kostritz

Video 5 min. DVD

Film is usually ended by titles. Rarely does anyone read them, except for the actors themselves and those who where involved in the film production.
Here, in the titles, are the names of the artists from the Ancient world to nowadays.
Every name is followed by visual images- scenes from the film "Arts History". After the names of the contemporary artists the screen turns to computer screen, downloading Windows. Something happens, and the titles appearing on the screen become unreadable pictographs, reminding of Egyptian hieroglyphics or alien inscriptions. Among the symbols, one with stylized Mona Lisa Del Giocondo is clearly recognizable. This symbol blows up and then Mona Lisa dissolves and there is only Black Square left. It slowly blows up and for some time the screen becomes the Black Square itself.
The titles appear again. These are names of the artists from Ancient world to…