Assembly” DVD, 5 min., 2006.
Video “Assembly” was created for the “Room N”
(The State Hermitage, January 2006)

My first visit to the Hermitage was in my childhood. My recollection of this event consists of everything on the equal basis: pictures, door knobs, sculpture and “golden” ceilings, marble staircases, fragrances, talk of the guides and buzz of the rooms. And of course tiredness as after a long walk. Usually after the first visit to the Hermitage one has some sort of kaleidoscope left in his memories. There is amazement and sensation of a beautiful and festive labyrinth.
The sound-track is a mix of classical and modern music. The video track shows the Hermitage ceilings with the “looking-glass” effect. The sound and the picture give an impression of “beauty vertigo”, the state in which visitor leaves the Hermitage.