The State Center of Modern Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

Mouse hunting

Contemporary design often borrows methods from actual art, but sometimes it is vice versa. The artists love to pretend to be designers, and museum shops and private collections are full of the author design objects by famous artists. It is high time for Russian contemporary art to make a step forward to people and decorate the life of the new advanced generation. The achievements of the artists may and should become the base for the new good taste and style of life.
We have suggested to the modern St.Petersburg artists to create a mouse pad design in a recognizable author style. The object should be interesting in both the professional and the consumer’s sense.

Project participants:
1. Ludmila Belova
2. Petr Bely
3. Andrei Garev
4. Phillip Dontzov
5. Marina Koldobskaya
6. Anna Kolosova
7. Vitaly Pushnitsky
8. Dmitry Shubin
9. Alexandr Florensky
10.Olga Florenskaya