“Save as – Wanchai”
exhibition “Re. Wanchai” international workshop,
Triangle Arts Trust,
Air Corner House, Hong-Kong, China
23.04. –29.05.2005

Wanchai region in Hong-Kong is changing quickly nowadays. Old buildings are demolished and sky-scrapers appear at their places. Streets and houses are changing, small shops disappear to give place for huge trading centres. The title of the exhibition “Return to Wanchai” tells about a nostalgie for vanished past of Hong-Kong. Artists were working in the building, that was going to be demolished in 6 months. It used to be an ordinary dwelling house with some shops and studios at the groundfloor. Everywhere there were the traces of human presence and human activities.
I took pictures of different marks and traces of human presence in that house and afterwards, having printed the photos, I displayed them near to the real object of each photo. The method is not new, but in this case it is quite different, because my photos, that were stuck to the walls with a strong glue, will also disappear with the building.