Installation "Centre of the world"
"Re.Wanchai" international
Triangle Arts Trust
Air Corner House
Hong-Kong, China

In the Ancient China the centre of the world was the China itself. China was the main country in the world and all the marking points were counted out of it. The maps in Ancient China were constructed in the same way: China in the centre, and other foreign countries around it.
The exhibition and workshop were held in Hong-Kong, the city of sky-scrapers. The highest sky-scrapers whether in New-York or in Hong-Kong have got in their titles the word "centre". The exhibition took place in a 5-storey building, that had been to be demolished in 6 months. At the roof of the building there were left many old tv-antennas, on which I hung pointers with the names of diferent countries. Using the game of words and concepts I offered for the time of exhibition to imagine that it is right there, at the roof of that building where the centre of the world is. To make it precise, the centre point is marked by the chair, standing inside the circle. It is possible to sit down on this chair and thereby tirn out to be in the centre of the world. During workshop I asked artists from all over the world to draw a map of the country, they came from. In these drawings almost everyone appeared to put his or her own country in the centre.