Museum of Anna Akhmatova
26 of April - 14 of May 2005
Team-work with Igor Lebedev

In the small museum room, that uses to be a storehouse, there was created the environment of a small pantry, where for a long time people were keeping some trash and rubbish, which they could not throw away, because they had some memories concerned with it. In old houses and flats such places always attract attention, because there you can always find something interesting. In our exposition this interesting thing to discover - are the memories of aged people. They are recorded on video, taken in close-up - so the distance between speaker and listener is minimal. It is possible to seat on the old box and to listen to the people stories, looking at the stuff around: old photos of Ljudmila Orlova, made of cotton wool Santa Claus, old newspapers and gramophone records. Speakers are the people, who were about 20 years old in the time of Second World War. The tell about their memories, Blockade, war and youth.