"No Title"
Museum of Anna Akhmatova,
St.Petersburg, Russia
26 April - 14 May 2005
Team-work with Igor Lebedev

In the hall, where the walls are made of white transparent material, there is hanging a photo ( 2 metres on 1 metre) in lightbox. At the photo you can see a skeleton of the Second World War soldier. Among remains there are rusty iron helmet and rotten army boots. The pose of the skeleton is similar to the pose of a running man. At the floor under the photo there are cut glasses, lined up in rows at the mirror plastic. They are filled with water, but they symbolize the glasses with vodka. And there are slices of bread placed on each glass. A glass with vodka, covered with slice of bread - is the symbol of commemoration of a deceased soldier. Around the mirror plastic with glasses and all over the floor there is sand scattered. And at the ceiling there is a non-stop video projection of a salute, which lights are reflected in the mirror plastic with the glasses upon it. At the same time the photo with skeleton is also reflected in this plastic. The sounds of shooting cannons and the Hooray!" screams were recorded at our time on some holiday. But in this exposition they become similar to the screams of attack and real war fire.