Dreaming Motherland(2004)



In the title of the exhibition there is play of words, because in Russian this word (narodnoe) has one common root with the words “native country” (rodina), family (rod), folk (narodnost).

This sometimes is associated with simplicity, naive and kind…

There is common country house on the photo.

There is a window (at the same time a poster) with the words PEACE TO THE WORLD in a verandah of this house

There is a lot of flowers around the house. The sun is shining.

On the place of an orthodox icon there placed a photo.

There are an artificial flowers around the photo.


The exhibition arranged as the “red corner” in a village house.

Under the photo there are two money-boxes made as little mushrooms.

There is an art-craft production.

Dreams of our peoples are as beautiful as a folk art and inaccessible as an icon.