"As Quiet as Snow" Installation
The Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House
January. 2004

Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the
Leningrad Siege Lifting.

This installation was influenced by the diaries of Punin and Garshin,
written during the time of the Siege of Leningrad. The title of the
exhibition "As quiet as snow" is taken from the diary of N.N.Punin.
Each wall of the gallery was covered by the one large photo (3x4 m)
picturing Leningrad streets in the years of the Siege.
In the midst of the gallery there was built a separate room with a
semi-transparent walls. Inside the room there were table and chair.
Documents, dairies, food-cards on the table were copies that one could read,
turning the pages. Original documents also were there covered by glass.
On the table there was an old lamp.
In order to get into this room one had to walk round,  along the walls with
the photos, following the white dotted line. It was made of the short
extracts from the diaries.
The snow under the feet was made of sinthepon and artificial snow. All the
time one could hear shuffling steps and squeak of snow (recorded on CD)

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