“ ROHTO”- Central Exhibition Hall , St. Petersburg, Russia ,27.10-14.11.2003.

Nordic Council of ministers
Curator Markus Pennvall.


“ Wheare I am?” ( interaktiv-installaition)

The transparant drapery (1 m x 2 m) is hanging on the strings. They make the sort of labyrinth, through which the spectator walks towards the center and sees himself on the screen. This is direct video. Then those who found themselves in the center can draw themselves or each another. For this it is neccessary to put off the white drapery from the string and applying it to the string, to outline hisher own shadow. So the screen also plays a part of “easel”.
Thus the labyrinth, at first clear and transparent step by step becomes full of silouettes.
The question where I am has two meanings: where I stand and where I am pictured. To find himself the person has to overcome the sort of the inner labyrinth. To find the right way we suggest to look at oneself from the side, and to fix this image depicting one’s silhouette.
White and transparent labyrinth gradually becomes more familiar and not so threatend.

Labyrinth always in all cultures symbolizes an overcoming. There was always a center in a labyrinth, which was neccessary to reach, fighting the monster and to solve all the reddles, and it was neccessary to go away, surmounting obstacles. One meets oneself in the center of this labyrinth. The main aim is to understand that the exit is incide you.