"The  Main Refrain ".
 Video. 15 min.

Video was made for exhibition "Save As" (D-137 gallery, S.PETERBURG, July
Videofilm exposed on the white sheet, that hunged in the midst of gallery
space, as if it was drying. The sheet was attached to the rope with wooden
clothes-pegs used for the linen.

Video showed two shades. The dancing pair moves in decelerated rate,
transforming and becoming  either the jolly pair of 1920-s or hippie pair of
1980-s, or serious lady and gentleman of 1910-s.
Rhythm changes, as well as suits, as distance between partners, as states,
as people, but refrain returns the twin dance under the tango's sounds...

The music composition was written by Aleksey Rahov specially to follow the
video. It included the town noise and sounds, as well as XX century dance
music fragments, from 1910-s up to 1980-s.
The music composition as an independent artistic object got a special
compact disc record.