The Hermitage (2002) 

  " The Hermitage is a place of the visitor's secluded meditations"

Installation consists of the "natural" ruins. The plaster hands, casted from
the antique sculpture, "climb" throughout ruins.
Over the ruins TV monitor is established. It translates the video.
In the video there is a hands-talk. For this video the murmur of the brooke
is used as a sound-track.

Installation is devoted to the commemoration of the Renaissance Gardens,
Gardens of Baroque, Classicism, Romanticim, Culture and Rest Parks, hermits,
murmuring fountains, labyrinths, fireworks and Lully music.

The idea of "The Hermitage" installation is to prolong the tradition of
european culture of XVIII-XX centuries.
"The Hermitage", hermit's corner was one of the necessary elements in the
conception of Baroque gardens or gardens of Romanticism, etc.
Usually it occupied place on the fringe of the garden.
The visitor, walking around the garden and passing it's main paths, finally
could not miss the Hermitage. Apart the revelry, reigning in the garden, in
this place one could see the hermit, concentrated on the spiritual life by
the contrast with other people in the garden.
In England garden-owners invited the special man to work as a hermit. He had
to stay home all the time, to wear with cassock and so on. Not every person
could bear such work.
Contemporary exhibitions partly remain walk in the garden