The main idea was to visualise statements of Kandinsky and Rodchenko about life and art.
In the concept of Kandinsky triangle is one of the basic abstract figures. Motiv of the triangle as the schematic image of spiritual life penetrates his book “About Spiritual in Art”.
In “The suit” it made from the reflecting fabric, so it moves all the time. Rodchenko stated, that life reconstructed according the aesthethic rules could impress, but more could impress the real life, fixed in the techically perfect frame.
Video camera took part in the performance. It’s lens looks up and fixes this historical event.
Rodchenko thought that picturing objects from the top or from the bottom was “point of present”
Kandinsky wrote that the artist had to be blind for “acknowledged” or “unacknowledged” form and to be deaf for directions and wishes of time.
The one holding advertisement hoarding has eye-glasses and head-phones.


During the exhibition advertisement hoarding attached to the mannequin. Near hand-cart stands, with the screen faced up. It shows video captured by camera directed upward.