The idea of “Digitalizing the blood” installation is the response to the web site declared blood-donorship by means of internet.

The owner of personal computer can deliver hisher blood using “Cloning Vectors” system, then digitalize it using “Cloning Vectors” program, and get not only hisher blood biochemical analysis after sending the data, but also get hisher DNA decoded.
I was shoked not only by the possibilities of hi-tech, but also by living (blood) – machine (computer) combination. Apart from usefulness of the “Cloning Vectors” program, the picture becomes vampire enough. There is an image of a new Dracula, without terrible eyes and teeth. For drinking the blood now he does not need expecting the midnight and to charm his victim. The victim would prepare everything by herself, and tell all the friends about the new service via e-mail.
“Digitalizing the blood” installation actually advertizes the new media possibilities. Could one imagine 5 years ago computer in processing the blood not only the brain? The virtual world more and more gets the phisical dimensions. May be soon it will analyze spittle, mucus, phlegm and then computer comes as a full member into society filled with microbes and diseases… The ill problem of viruses already existing draws together computers and human beings.
But if it comes down to cloning… it will be almost obstetrical function.

“We – as a new planet in the blue space over the sunset luminary – we are the treshold of entirely new world…” (Kazimir Malevitch)

Table, computer and keyboard. Into the plaster hands lied over the keyboard, syringes put. The blood transfusing into the computer by tubes. Monitor’s screen shows picture of the blood in motion as it can be seen through microscope.