2000-2002 CUCUMBERS

The Cucumbers (2000-2002)

“The cucumbers” called the exibition of photo-observations took place in June, 2000 in “Art-Collegium” gallery (St.-Petersburg).
17 pictures presented cucumbers covered with a piece of plastic. The artist found them derelicted in the wood and throughout a year she studied their transformations.
Besides the pictures the exhibition presented the installation on the cucumbers being. There were:cucumbers grew out a stem, cucumbers bought in a shop, cucumbers pickled in a jar, cucumbers salted, seeds of cucumbers…


Two years later the project was re-exhibited in Lonnstrom Art museum (Rauma, Finland)15/6-6/10 2000 in the course of “The essence” (“Jestestvo”) - the wide exhibition of St.-Petersburg contemporary art.
14 photos and the installation were exhibited there.
The cucumbers, usual and known, in their plastic wrap, were put on the ground, raised on the 3 basements. Fixed in this way, these cucumbers were covered with glass show-cases. During the exhibition which was as long as 3 months people could study the natural processes in the living matter, i.e. in cucumbers. Photos on the walls completed the installation.