The International artistc non-commercial project “Affair-Emplacements-New Holland” (“Sobitie-Emplacements-New Holland”) took place in July 2000 at the “New Holland” company’s estate. British artists, German and Russian artists took part in the project. The whole week artistic meetings were held there, as well as slide-shows and lectures (on the contemporary art and on the history of the New Holland Island) were presented.
From 5 to 7 thousands people attended “New Holland” in the the opening day of 30 July. For the first time people could see the Island from inside, because it was restricted for civilians for more than 200 years. Also many of them went into contemporary art for the first time.

For the “New Holland” officers it was a good experience in collaborating with artists to draw public attention to the historical importance of this St.-Petersburg architectural ensemble, which required reconstruction and in future it should play an important role in this city’s infrastructure.

Emplacements-New Holland” project contributed to starting process of new ways in the field of reconstruction these objects that was of the importance for the history of St.-Petersburg. “New Holland” company stated that the project had been the very positive expirience and it was ready supporting such an initiatives.