The Invitation(1994)

 The interactive installation is made of 3 objects arranged as a 3d pyramid each.
The first pyramid has one plastic side with a window cut in it; through the window, one can observe the landscape outside.
in the center of the window there is The photo of the author that had been pictured by the automatic photo studio.
The second pyramid has two windows. There is a chair inside pyramid, so one can observe the landscape sitting.
The third pyramid has all three walls covered and opaque, so it is possible to stand inside only.
Three pyramids look like the man's life with the sequence of childhood – maturity - oldness.
The installation took place at the symposium "The Sign on the Landscape" (Leitzen)
Later the transformed installation was at the "Sign on the Landscape" Exhibition.

The 3-sides plastic pyramid was hold in the small space, 50 sm over the floor.
The highlighted chair was also hold inside the pyramid so that it dropped shadows on the pyramid wall.
The pictures of the pyramids standing in the landscape during the former symposium were on the walls around installation.